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Discover the Exclusive Signature Series TP9SFX Whiteout: A New Era of Canik Superiority!

Elevate your firearm collection with the first-ever release in Canik’s esteemed Signature Series – the Signature Series TP9SFX Whiteout.

This model isn’t just a firearm; it’s a statement piece, showcasing an exquisite Whiteout design. With a sophisticated Cerakote finish, this collectible item stands out in both appearance and performance.

Signature Series TP9SFX Whiteout: Where Elegance Meets Precision

The TP9SFX Whiteout is more than just its eye-catching white polymer frame and contrasting black slide. It’s a testament to Canik’s commitment to quality and innovation.

This model retains the foundational excellence of the original TP9 SFx, yet introduces unique enhancements tailored to the discerning collector and shooting enthusiast.

Key Features of the TP9SFX Whiteout:

  • Stunning Aesthetics: The elegant Cerakote finish gives a distinctive and refined look, perfect for collectors.
  • Enhanced Ergonomics: Tailored to provide an optimal handling experience, ensuring comfort and control.
  • Precision Engineering: Built for accuracy, the TP9SFX Whiteout is a reliable choice for both competitive and recreational shooters.
  • Integrated Accessory Rail: Customize your setup with various accessories to suit your needs.
  • Advanced Trigger Mechanism: Experience gaming-grade accuracy with a trigger designed for precision and responsiveness.

As the first in the Signature Series line, the TP9SFX Whiteout sets a high bar for future releases. It’s not just a firearm; it’s an investment in excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a collector seeking unique pieces, the TP9SFX Whiteout is a must-have in your arsenal.


Firstly, As a collector’s item, the canik TP9 SFx Whiteout comes with a limited edition production number stamp on the left side of the slide.
Secondly, made in a limited run of 7500 units in total.
Thirdly,  and comes accompanied by its collector’s Certificate of Authenticity. Further,  In order to expand on the value provided by this collectors series. Moreover, a White color-matching Flared Magazine Well and a secondary magazine.
Firstly, with a White Canik Aluminum +3 extension is included in the package. Secondly,  the canink TP9 SFx Whiteout is also accompanied by new color-matching accessories: Thirdly, IWB/OWB Holster, Magazine Loader, Four Optic Interfaces. Further,  Alternative Size Back-Strap, and a cleaning rod & brush. Finally, this package comes with its own Whiteout Signature Series carry and storage box.
  • Firstly, Canik Collectors Certificate with Production Number
  • Secondly, Collectors “Signature Series” logo and Production Number Stamped Slide
  • Thirdly, WHITEOUT Signature Collectors Finish & Ported Slide
  • Further, White Flared Magazine Well for improved performance
  • Moreover, Warren Tactical Sights with a blacked-out Rear Sight Post and a Fiber-Optic Front Sight Post.
  • Firstly, World Famous Ready-Out-Of-The-Box Trigger
  • Secondly, Interchangeable Back-Straps, with a spare for larger hands
  • Thirdly, Optics Ready Slide
  • Further, NEW! Includes Four Optic Interface plates to accommodate for your favorite optic.
  • Moreover, NEW! Canik’s IWB/OWB WHITEOUT Holster
  • NEW! White Cleaning Brush and Patch Holder for barrel cleaning
  • NEW! WHITEOUT Signature Series Storage and Transportation Box


  1. Joerenner

    Still new but already feeling like I’ve been waiting this pistol my whole life.
    I love everything about it 😍.
    Took time for delivery but can’t regret the waiting.

  2. zeekleberries

    I was hesitant to purchase this pistol at first, but I’m so glad I did. The whiteout finish is eye-catching and it performs flawlessly


    This pistol has quickly become my go-to for range trips. It’s comfortable to shoot and the whiteout finish always turns heads

  4. 4mariana

    The attention to detail on this gun is impressive. The whiteout finish is flawless and it handles beautifully.

  5. bgamerpro

    I am extremely impressed with this pistol. It’s accurate, reliable, and the whiteout finish sets it apart from other firearms.

  6. julianchavez03

    The TP9SFX Whiteout is simply stunning. It’s the perfect blend of style and performance. I highly recommend it

  7. roesy

    Loving the magazine capacity on the TP9SFX Whiteout. More rounds, less reloads, and it doesn’t compromise on comfort. A must-have for those long days at the range.

  8. bordelon

    The TP9SFX Whiteout makes customization a breeze. Adding optics, grips, and whatever else you fancy is seamless. A true canvas for firearm enthusiasts!

  9. fong

    The TP9SFX Whiteout is a steal for the price. It competes with the big players in the market without breaking the bank. A satisfying purchase for any shooter.

  10. zeekleberries

    The TP9SFX Whiteout is more than just a gun; it’s a work of art. The sleek white finish is eye-catching, and the design is both stylish and super functional. Impressive job, Canik team!

  11. kevinroi

    Maintaining the TP9SFX Whiteout is a walk in the park. Easy disassembly and cleaning make it a joy for gun owners of all levels.

  12. alexcavalier

    This TP9SFX Whiteout has a killer trigger action. Smooth as butter, and that crisp break is a game-changer. Shooting precision has never felt so good.

  13. hannah

    Put the TP9SFX Whiteout through its paces, and it’s consistently reliable. No malfunctions, no hiccups—just solid performance. Canik nailed it with this one!

  14. adminaso

    The TP9SFX Whiteout is a powerhouse on the range! The accuracy and minimal recoil are impressive. It feels like magic in my hands. Kudos, Canik!

  15. berzerk

    The TP9SFX Whiteout’s grip is a standout feature. It feels like it was molded for my hand. Comfortable, secure, and adds to the overall shooting experience.

  16. dylanthomasjimenez

    The TP9SFX Whiteout caters to everyone. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, this firearm adapts to your skill level. Bravo, Canik!

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