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A shotgun is one of the most versatile firearms, allowing hunters to take down a huge range of game and providing a superb self-defense option for virtually anyone. Ammo Store Online! has a full selection of shotgun shells from birdshot to buckshot–even breaching rounds and other specialty shells–in all of the well-known shell sizes.

Perhaps the most sophisticated ammo available currently available, shotgun ammunition can be loaded to serve such as deer, squirrels as well as a range of game birds. Shot sizes vary from 1,000 (triple the size of aught) and up, and with different types of steel, lead, and buckshot, the possibilities are endless and provide numerous reasons to possess the shotgun. From hunting and shooting for sport to personal and home defense, this gun can be as adaptable as number of shotgun shells that are available on the market.

Lethal ammunition is also available for shotguns, such as rubber bullets. These are commonly employed by law enforcement agencies to manage crowds.

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