Best Cartridge for Concealed Carry: Keeping It Under Wraps

While every cartridge has the capability to stop a dangerous threat, some are just better at it than others. In the end, the best caliber for concealed carry is one that does enough damage to quickly eliminate a threat. It also needs to be loaded in a gun you can shoot well when you need to, but keep reasonably hidden under clothing until you do. Choosing the Best Cartridge for

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Russian Ammo Ban

There have been a lot of numbers thrown around with regards to the Russian ammo ban. Many of them are unsourced or unattributed, and as near as I can tell, wrong. So what are the actual numbers? What is the actual impact of this ban going to be? Russian 7.62×39 in Croatian magazines in an East German magazine pouch. HOW DO AMMO IMPORTS WORK? First things first, we have to

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Guide to Buying Ammo Online

The Complete Guide to Buying Ammo Online and How it Can Save You Time & Money

Do You Need a Guide to Buy Bulk Ammo Online? Guide to Buy Bulk Ammo Online. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about buying ammo online. It will cover the basics of buying ammo on the internet, as well as some of the more advanced options available. Online shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years, and ammunition is no exception. There are

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Guide to Buying a Taurus G3

The Complete Guide to Taurus G3 Coyote Tan and Why You Should Buy One

The Taurus G3 Coyote Tan is an excellent handgun for anyone who wants a reliable and accurate firearm. It has some amazing features that you will love. It is easy to use and it can be used in any conditions. It has a very low recoil and it is lightweight, making it perfect for carrying around with you all day. It also has a great grip that will prevent your

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2022 45-70 Ammo For Sale In Stock

In 2022, the 45-70 ammo will no longer be produced. This has caused many people to start stockpiling this ammunition as it becomes harder and harder to find. If you’re like most American shooters, you’re probably partial to the .308 Winchester cartridge. And with good reason – it’s a versatile and accurate cartridge that can take down just about any big game in North America. But what about 45-70 ammo?

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The Canik SIGNATURE SERIES TP9SFX Whiteout is the newest addition to the signature series pistols from Canik. It is a 9mm pistol that comes with a variety of features and options that set it apart from other pistols in the same category. The pistol has an all-steel frame with a hard coat finish that provides a high level of durability. The Canik SIGNATURE SERIES TP9SFX WHITEOUT pistol is an updated

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Can Ammunition Keep Up Gun Sale Rise?

According to a recent piece of news from CBS Miami, the nation has seen a 31% increase in firearms purchases in the first four months of the year when compared to 2020. According to FBI statistics, nearly 16 million background checks for firearms purchases were accomplished between January and April. Every gun store I’ve heard from has seen record sales and despite the ammo shortages, each range has maintained a more or

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IMI Ammunition 5.56x45mm For Hunters

IMI Ammunition is a top of the line ammunition manufacturer for hunters and shooters. IMI Ammo produces a wide variety of ammunition for a variety of firearms. Their 5.56x45mm ammunition is perfect for hunters who are looking for quality rounds that will put meat in the freezer. IMI Ammunition is a new line of 5.56x45mm ammunition designed for use in AR15 platform rifles. The IMI Ammunition line offers a variety

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Not Known Facts About hornady black 6.5 creedmoor

Not Known Facts About hornady black 6.5 creedmoor You need to be 18 or more mature to buy prolonged gun ammunition and 21 or older to invest in handgun ammunition. Ammunition may only be shipped through Floor. You happen to be responsible for complying with federal, state and native regulations. We use cookies to provide you with the very best practical experience. You may find out more with regard to

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The Ultimate Guide To Hornady black 6.5 creedmoor

The Ultimate Guide To Hornady black 6.5 creedmoor For safety factors, we do not accept returns on ammunition. Constantly be sure you use the correct ammunition to your precise firearm. You may adjust your cookie configurations Anytime using the controls on the World-wide-web browser. Even so, parts of our web page might not purpose properly without them. I question there is an excessive amount difference between The 2. It will

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180-Yard Clay Pigeon Shot: World Record Broken

World Record Broken: The Gould Brothers 180-Yard Clay Pigeon Shot The Gould Brothers are a pair of exhibition shooters specializing in some pretty extreme shotgun shooting. The brothers offer a special brand of outdoor entertainment with their one-of-a-kind trick shooting demonstrations and enthusiastic personalities. This week, the Gould Brothers have broken two of their own records and nailed a 180-yard pigeon break using Federal Ammunition’s Heavyweight TSS #7 shot. Gould

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Ammunition Stolen from Guanajuato, Mexico

According to a Mexican news outlet, over 7 million rounds of ammunition were stolen from Industrias Tecnos (Aguila Ammunition) – a Mexican-based manufacturer of ammunition for small arms. The company, which is based in the city of Cuernavaca, had two tractor-trailers stolen while they were in the Guanajuato which contained a total of 7,114,150 rounds of various types of ammunition. The theft was reported on June 10th, 2021 and at the time of writing,

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