Rimfire ammunition may be hard to find elsewhere, but you can stock up at Ammo Store Online! No matter whether you shoot a rifle chambered in the favorite .22 LR, the powerful .22 Magnum, the low-recoil .22 short, or the flat-flying .17 HMR, we have the rimfire cartridges you need in stock and ready to ship. Rimfire ammo is a great choice for hunting small game and plinking at the range. We carry rimfire ammo from all of the top manufacturers like CCI, Aguila and Winchester. Take a look at our selection today and pick up all the rimfire ammunition you can handle.

It has lower power than the centralfire equivalent (due to the primer being in the middle, instead of the middle), rimfire ammunition is used primarily to plink, target shooting and hunting varmints. In rimfire ammunition, it is among the most popular cartridges on the planet which is that of the .22 Long Rifle. A lot of beginners use this renowned ammo as a method of learning and eventually continue to make use of it for plinking and small-game hunting.

If you’re looking for practice ammunition that doesn’t require the force of a centerfire cartridge the rimfire ammunition is fun to shoot and is usually one of the least expensive ammunition on the market.


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