TP9 SF Elite-S



  • Warren® design blackout, rear sight
  • Warren® design fiber-optic front sight
  • Fiber-reinforced compact size polymer frame
  • Ambidextrous slide stop lever
  • Striker status indicator
  • Military standard Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913)
  • Front serrations
  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Interchangeable backstrap (2 sizes)
  • Side changeable magazine catch
  • SAO trigger system with trigger safety
  • Tenifer® or cerakote finish over tenifer®
  • Nickel-plated fire control components
  • Manual safety on the trigger guard

SAO: Single-Action Only


  • Two-sided holster
  • Spare magazine
  • Magazine loader
  • Cleaning kit
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TP9 SF Elite-S

Firstly, TP9 SF Elite-S carries the same features as TP9SF Elite other than its manual trigger stop feature on its trigger bar.  Secondly, Besides its medium size grip, its ambidextrous slide stop, improved trigger safety mechanism. Thirdly,  Warren fiber optic sighting, and closed striker cover mechanism earned the Elite title in TP Series. Further,  Improved frame design gives the best target shooting comfort in its league. Moreover, Besides its concealed carry feature, with its newly designed trigger safety, the trigger reach distance is shorter compared to other TP Series pistols. More, The standard fiber optic sights are designed by Scott Warren to give the best and fastest shooting performance in combat situations.  To continue, As exists in TP Series, 2 Mec-Gar magazines, carry holster, bigger backstrap, and speed loader is standard in the package

canik tp9sf elite-s


TP SeriesTP9 SF EliteS
CALIBER9mm15-18 rounds

tp9 sf elite-s

TP9 DA15-18-20 rounds13 rounds*182 mm7.17″145 mm5.71″33 mm1.30″103,5 mm4.07″796 gr28,08oz*Magazine Catch
TP9 SA Mod.215-18-20 rounds13 rounds*192 mm7.56″145 mm5.71″33 mm1.30″113,5 mm4.47″827 gr29,17oz*Magazine Catch and Decocker/Safety
TP9 SF15-18-20 rounds13 rounds*192 mm7.56″145 mm5.71″33 mm1.30″113,5 mm4.47″810 gr28,57oz*Magazine Catch
TP9 SFx15-18-20 roundsNA*210.5 mm8.29″145 mm5.71″35 mm1.38″132 mm5.20″845 g28,81oz*Magazine Catch
TP9 SF Elite15-18 roundsNA*185 mm7.28″134 mm5.28″37 mm1.46″106,5 mm4.19″800 gr28,22oz*Slide Stop and Magazine Catch

TP9 SF Elite-S

15-18 roundsNA*185 mm7.28″134 mm5.28″37 mm1.46″106,5 mm4.19″800 gr28,22oz*Slide Stop, Magazine Catch and Manual Safety Lever
TP9 SFT15-18-20 roundsNA*207 mm8.15″151 mm5.94″33 mm1.30″127 mm5.00″823 gr28,03oz*Magazine Catch
TP9 Elite Combat15-18 roundsNA*200 mm7.88″151,5 mm5,96 ”38 mm1.50″120 mm4.72″845 gr28,68oz*Slide Stop and Magazine Catch
TP9 Elite-S Combat15-18 roundsNA*185 mm7.28″151,5 mm5.28″38 mm1.50″106,5 mm4.19″830 gr28,32oz*Slide Stop, Magazine Catch and Manual Safety Lever
TP9 Sub Elite12 roundsNA*170,5 mm6.71″116 mm4.57″37 mm1.46″91,5 mm3.60″695 gr24,52oz*Slide Stop, Magazine Catch
TP9 SUB ELITE CAS12 roundsN/A*170.5 mm6.71”107.3 mm4.2”37 mm1.46”91.5 mm3.60”690 gr24.33oz*Slide Stop, Magazine Catch
SFx RIVAL18 roundsN/A*205,5mm8,09”145 mm5.70”36mm1,41”127 mm5.00 ”835g. ±4g29,45 oz. ±0.14oz (with empty 18rds magazine)


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