TP9 Elite-S Combat

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  • SAI® designed fluted barrel and fiber optic sight
  • SAI® designed magwell
  • Canik enhanced trigger (CET) flat-face aluminum trigger
  • Safety lever on the trigger guard
  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Striker status indicator
  • Military standard Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913)
  • Extendable side changeable magazine catch (4 sizes)
  • +3 aluminum magazine extension
  • Sao trigger system with trigger safety
  • Tenifer® or cerakote® finish over tenifer®
  • Nickel-plated firing control components


  • Interchangeable Backstraps in Different Sizes
  • Compact Size fiber-reinforced Polymer Frame
  • Optic Ready with 4 Interfaces for Red-Dot Profiles
  • Two-sided holster
  • Backstrap – large size
  • Spare magazine
  • Magazine loader
  • Cleaning kit
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Canik tp9 elite s combat


Firstly, Canik  TP9 Elite-S Combat is a versatile compact pistol with performance parts designed. Secondly,  by Salient Arms International in an industry-first collaboration, including a fluted. Thirdly, and nitride-coated match-grade barrel, fiber optic sights, and mag well. Further, The compact pistol has a polymer frame, is striker-fired, and has an optics-ready slide with four different interfaces. Moreover,  to accept the market’s most popular reflex sights.  Furthermore, An included cocking lever can be mounted to either side of the slide for fast loading.



Firstly, Extensions for the magazine release catch and alternate backstraps are included to enable an ideal fit. In addition,  to TP9 Elite Combat, Elite-S Combat model has a safety lever on the trigger guard that prevents the action of the trigger when it is on. Secondly,  The pistol includes one 15-round magazine and one 18-round magazine with a +3 aluminum extension.  Further, Available in 9x19mm, the pistol has a Cerakote-over-Tenifer finish on the slide for long-lasting corrosion resistance. Moreover, The internal firing control components are nickel plated for smooth operation and high performance. A patented holster, magazine loader, and cleaning kit are standard in the package.

tp9 elite s


TP SeriesTP9 Elite-S Combat
CALIBER9mm15-18 rounds

canik tp9 elite

TP9 DA15-18-20 rounds13 rounds*182 mm7.17″145 mm5.71″33 mm1.30″103,5 mm4.07″796 gr28,08oz*Magazine Catch
TP9 SA Mod.215-18-20 rounds13 rounds*192 mm7.56″145 mm5.71″33 mm1.30″113,5 mm4.47″827 gr29,17oz*Magazine Catch and Decocker/Safety
TP9 SF15-18-20 rounds13 rounds*192 mm7.56″145 mm5.71″33 mm1.30″113,5 mm4.47″810 gr28,57oz*Magazine Catch


15-18-20 roundsNA*210.5 mm8.29″145 mm5.71″35 mm1.38″132 mm5.20″845 g28,81oz*Magazine Catch
TP9 SF Elite15-18 roundsNA*185 mm7.28″134 mm5.28″37 mm1.46″106,5 mm4.19″800 gr28,22oz*Slide Stop and Magazine Catch
TP9 SF Elite-S15-18 roundsNA*185 mm7.28″134 mm5.28″37 mm1.46″106,5 mm4.19″800 gr28,22oz*Slide Stop, Magazine Catch and Manual Safety Lever
TP9 SFT15-18-20 roundsNA*207 mm8.15″151 mm5.94″33 mm1.30″127 mm5.00″823 gr28,03oz*Magazine Catch
TP9 Elite Combat15-18 roundsNA*200 mm7.88″151,5 mm5,96 ”38 mm1.50″120 mm4.72″845 gr28,68oz*Slide Stop and Magazine Catch
TP9 Elite-S Combat
15-18 roundsNA*185 mm7.28″151,5 mm5.28″38 mm1.50″106,5 mm4.19″830 gr28,32oz*Slide Stop, Magazine Catch and Manual Safety Lever
TP9 Sub Elite12 roundsNA*170,5 mm6.71″116 mm4.57″37 mm1.46″91,5 mm3.60″695 gr24,52oz*Slide Stop, Magazine Catch
TP9 SUB ELITE CAS12 roundsN/A*170.5 mm6.71”107.3 mm4.2”37 mm1.46”91.5 mm3.60”690 gr24.33oz*Slide Stop, Magazine Catch
SFx RIVAL18 roundsN/A*205,5mm8,09”145 mm5.70”36mm1,41”127 mm5.00 ”835g. ±4g29,45 oz. ±0.14oz (with empty 18rds magazine)


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