Dave Smith Decoys Mating Motion Jake



Dave Smith Decoys Mating Motion Jake

Dave Smith Decoys Mating Motion Jake

If you are looking for a high quality decoy for your pond or lake, the Dave Smith Mating Motion Jake is a perfect choice. This decoy has been designed, sculpted, molded and hand painted. It also features A.C.E. technology, which makes setting up easy and fast. The design is simple, making it a great option for beginners. Dave Smith Decoys Mating Motion Jake.

A.C.E. Technology

The A.C.E Technology Mating Motion Jake is a no brainer for those of you looking to simulate the mating ritual of a turkey. It’s lightweight, easy to pack and surprisingly quiet. What makes it even more impressive is its cleverly hidden motion mechanism.

For the budget conscious hunter who isn’t exactly in the market for a full-blown hunting expedition, this decoy can be deployed in a pinch, making it ideal for those who don’t have time to troll through a field and are instead looking for a quick way to fool an incoming gobbler into thinking you are actually on the hunt. This decoy is the best of the breed when it comes to its quality and performance. With its realistic motion mechanism, a mature longbeard will run over to check you out, thereby giving you an opportunity to get him into position for a shot at the kill.

The Mating Motion Jake also stands out as a notable feat of engineering. Not only is it lightweight, it is made of A.C.E. technology which proves its durability, even when subjected to the most severe elements. To ensure it’s longevity, the company ships it with a ground stake and two ringlet screws for good measure. Also included in the box are a fanned-out hen and a jerk chord that is the best of the best in its class.

Perfect memory for a fast and easy set up

One of the most common turkey questions I get is how to successfully take home the big one. The short answer is to not put all of your eggs in one basket. A smart and thoughtful turkey enthusiast will devise a strategy to nab the prize and keep it to themselves. To accomplish the feat he will likely enlist the aid of a professional and a well chosen hunting buddy. In the process he will have his fill of grub and merriment. On top of that he will leave with a trophy for a lifetime and maybe a few feathers for good measure. For a turkey aficionado this is a win/win scenario.

Probably the best way to go about it is to scout out the area and make a list of the local birds of prey. If this isn’t possible, there is no need to go too far afield in search of a trophy mate. Taking the appropriate precautions will pay off in spades.

Designed, sculpted, molded and hand painted

A turkey decoy is a great way to add full-motion action to your scene. The Dave Smith Decoys Mating Motion Jake Turkey Decoy will fool even the most jealous longbeards. This decoy features a motion system that can be activated from a distance. It was designed to mimic the gyrating motion of a mating jake. Dave smith decoys turkey

These realistic decoys are made of high-quality materials that are durable and have a realistic paint scheme. They are also light-weight and compact, making them easy to carry. Their motion system is hand operated and legal in most states.

The Mating Motion Jake and the Mating Hen are both great turkey decoys that can be used alone or in conjunction with other gobbler decoys. They each come with a ground stake and a game bag. You can use these decoys with pellets or arrows. Each decoy comes with a carry bag with shoulder strap, a ground stake, and a pocket for your stakes. Used dave smith decoys for sale Dave smith decoys

Quick set up

If you’re an early season turkey hunter, you’ll want to be able to set up your decoys in a short amount of time. There are plenty of options out there, but the Dave Smith Decoys Mating Motion Jake has a few advantages over the rest. Dave smith decoys seconds

First, the material that the Dave Smith Decoys are made from is durable. It’s self-healing and suffers little damage when shot. Secondly, the decoys have an easy-to-use motion system. These decoys come with two carry bags, making them easy to transport. You’ll also find that they’re quiet and compact.

One of the features of the Dave Smith Decoys Mating motion pair is the realistic paint. This helps the decoys simulate the iridescence of feathers. A quick search of “turkey decoys” will return a ton of choices, but the Dave Smith Decoys have a reputation for being some of the best in the business.

The Mating Motion Pair comes in a combo pack, including the jake and the hen. The pack is easy to store in the back of a truck. It also includes two camouflage carry bags with shoulder straps.

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