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Firstly, The  Canik TP9SF FDE is a 9mm striker-fired pistol that has successfully passed 60,000 round torture tests without any failures. Secondly,  while still maintaining NATO standards for accuracy. Thirdly, With superior durability, reliability, and unparalleled trigger. Further,  the TP9SF pistol represents an ideal option for both competition or self defense minded users.

Firstly, the Canik TP9SF is an amazing firearm–both in value and quality. Secondly, However, let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room.  Thirdly, This is a Turkish made handgun, and has become the standard sidearm of the Turkish army.


Now, many of you diehards and politically-charged owners may scoff at this. But don’t let this dissuade you. The Canik is an incredible pistol–especially for those on a budget.

The TP9SF is also just one member of Canik’s TP9 family.

The selections go to include the TP9EC, TP9SA, TP9SF Elite, and TP9SFx. There are slight variations between each of these guns, but all still carry the same quality and value.



The TP9 pistol from Canik is a polymer striker-fired gun. It is comfortable enough, the controls work, and it is SUPER reliable. However, where the Canik really shines is its awesome trigger!

The trigger on the TP9SF is so good, I think it is better than options available on higher-end guns. Seriously, out of the box, I think the trigger is as good as, or better than, stock H&K, CZ, and Glock triggers!

One gripe… the bore-height is a bit tall. The Warren sights are a nice touch but the skinny rear sight makes the slide appear talle



  • NEW Patented Retention Holster
  • NEW Barrel and slide have an ultra-durable Nitride finish on Black Models and Cerakote®-over-Nitride on the colored models
  • Short reset Single-Action trigger design with nickel-coated action components
  • Warren Tactical sights
  • Accessory under-barrel rail
  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Side reversible magazine catch and alternate backstraps for a custom fit
  • Two magazines, magazine loader, and cleaning kit
  • Available in Black or Flat Dark Earth, with 18-round or 10-round magazines


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