Winchester DEER SEASON XP .350 Legend 150 grain 500 Rounds

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Caliber:.350 Legend
Number of Rounds:500
Bullet Type:Extreme Point Polymer Tip (EPPT)
Bullet Weight:150 grain
Cartridge Case Material:Brass
Primer Location:Centerfire
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Buy Winchester DEER SEASON XP .350 Legend 150 grain 500 Rounds

The all-new 350 Legend cartridge is engineered for deer hunters to deliver massive downrange energy transfer with improved penetration from a modern straight-walled cartridge. The oversized impact diameter of the Extreme Point bullet offers bigger impact trauma for larger wound cavities and faster knockdown.

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  • Ballistic Profile Streamlined profile for flat trajectory and energy retention
  • Large Diameter Polymer TipAccelerates expansion resulting in rapid impact trauma
  • Precision Jacket & CoreYields optimum accuracy, penetration and energy transfer
Caliber:.350 Legend
Number of Rounds:500
Bullet Type:Extreme Point Polymer Tip (EPPT)
Bullet Weight:150 grain
Cartridge Case Material:Brass
Primer Location:Centerfire

12 reviews for Winchester DEER SEASON XP .350 Legend 150 grain 500 Rounds

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    Update on my previous review. After firing about sixty rounds of other ammo, I gave the Deer Season ammo another chance. At first the ammo caused the bolt to stick on my Savage Axis II. I suppose the rifle needed some breaking in. The bolt is still just a bit sticky, but not very difficult to retract. Several groups of three shots within 3/4 inch with some shots touching. I have yet to shoot any game.

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    The 150 XP is great off the bench, shoots flat and accurate out of my Ruger American Predator. In the field however the bullet completely disintegrated upon impact with the vertebrae on a neck shot of a large Ohio buck. The buck died immediately and two vertebrae were shattered. There was no exit an…

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    The 150 XP shoots great on the bench, it is accurate and flat from the Ruger American Predator. On the field, however, the bullet completely broke up after impacting the vertebrae in the neck of a huge Ohio buck. The buck immediately died while two vertebrae broken. There was no escape and could only salvage the polymer tip as well as tiny fragments of jacket. I know that vertebrae are extremely difficult, but the total disintegration of the ball creates concerns about penetration on the chest or shoulder shot. I am aware that these shots aren’t the best but it is the nature of the woods. These are excellent rounds for coyotes, however I’m going to switch to another deer hunting weapon.

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    This was a gift. The recipient is very excited and eager to test it.

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    One of the best deer loads I have ever used! Have taken 3 deer with this load at ranges from 40 yds to 115 yds all three dropped in there tracks.

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    Had these and some 180’s, also Winchester at the range. Despite the 3# terrible MOA trigger on the Winchester XPR, I was able to shoot a 5/8″ three shot group at 100 yd. with the 150 gr and a 1/2″ group with the 180’s. Both very good factory ammo.

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    We used this ammunition during Iowa Deer Season this year. Our group shot three bucks using this Winchester Deer Season ammo. There was no issue, we took the lung shots all ranged between 65 and 110 yards. The deer all died within 50 yards of the shot.

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    Very Accurate with Great groups and no cycling or feeding issues!!

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    This is my first choice for whitetail deer. Never have shots beyond 100 yds where we hunt, but I would be comfortable with these outwards of 150 yds.

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    Purchased a Ruger Ranch 350 Legend Rifle and a box of the 150 Grain 350 Legend Winchester Ammunition. Installed a Leupold 3x-9x CDS Scope and fired 2 rounds at 25 yards for paper sight-in and 3 rounds at 100 yards with a group of 1.5 inches. Four deer were harvested with this gun & ammo during the past Michigan Deer Season. They were shot from 70 yards to 145 yards away. Two dropped in their tracks and the other two ran about 30yards before dropping. All taken with a single shot. Still have 11 rounds left for next season.

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    MOA Groups, Soft Shooting and High Real World BC
    I shot at 2265fps in my 16″ barreled Ruger Ranch. Shot 2 4 groups(4 shots ea) @ 100yds of .93″ and 1.01″ in calm wind. Cleaning and returning a couple of weeks later for a shoot at 200 yards and test the how the trajectory was recorded by my Leupold CDS Scope( specially designed for this ammo and Dead On). The wind was gusty, with a crosswind of 10 to 15mph however, I still managed to shoot the 2.06″ 4 shot group after making 1 click adjustment of my zero. I shot to verify my drops and drift using my chrono velocity and verified the advertised BC is genuine. This ammo has same POI as Win 145FMJ @ 100’yds (as it chrono’s the same avg fps) but the 145’s strike 2-3″ lower than the 150 XP’s when shot at 200 yards. Both loads shoot super soft and, according to my 13 year old son similar in performance to the Henry .357 Magnum, which is loaded with Hornady 140 Leverevolution FTX ammo(which is extremely soft). It is worth noting that the Win 180 gr SSP’s are just one tad more recoil, but they hit 1.5″ low @100y and 3″ low at 200yds.They have the same feel as .357 Maximum Rifle, which comes with the 180gr XTP/SSP’s that we shoot. The claim of are the .350L offers less recoil than .243 is certainly accurate with the 145-150grn ammunition and is probably in the same range as the 180’s. Coyotes are a common sight all year long and were searching for an ammo that could double as a load that could replace the .357 Max with 140 FTX’s designed for coyotes and deer with a slightly more robust construction to allow close-range shots of deer at high speed. I fired a bullet and then mic’d it to .355″ (verified by Ohio DNR still legal for deer) and cutaway of a 150 XP in order to test claims of a tapered jackets. I believe that this is a great combination of design and applications. It will be able to expand in longer distances and at slower speeds due to its broad tip and conical cavity, but stay within a tight space with a tapered jacket to shield shank and maintain weight to penetrate. They shot well of my rifles, but the 180’s shot fairly well and also chrono’d to 2075 FPS. If I was searching for a deer shot just within 100 yards I likely would go with the 180’s, but for my typical long distances and requirements, I believe that this is the most suitable choice.

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    This round has performed very well in my BCA upper, both in terms of accuracy and terminal performance. This ammo has accounted for three deer so far, and all were complete pass through shots, all striking at least one shoulder bone. Shots were taken from 40-80 yards and produced good blood trails on the two that ran about 30 yards after the shot. One mature doe dropped in her tracks with a double shoulder shot. Bullet expansion was decent, without excessive blood shot damage, and all held together nicely. This ammo is also highly accurate in my rifle, with groups averaging right at one inch at 100 yards, and maintaining that MOA accuracy out to 200 yards.

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