500 Rds Hornady BLACK 6.5 Creedmoor 140 GR BTHP

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Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
Manufacturer: Hornady BLACK
Quantity: 500 Rds
Bullet Weight: 140 Grain
Bullet Type: Boat Tail Hollow Point
Case Type: New

Muzzle Velocity: 269


500 Rds Hornady BLACK 6.5 Creedmoor 140 GR BTHP

Description 500 Rds Hornady

500 Rds Hornady Keeping with Hornady’s commitment to excellence, the Hornady BLACK line of ammunition delivers superior performance across a variety of applications. These hard to find 140 grain boat tail hollow point 6.5 Creedmoor rounds are exactly what you’ve been looking for in a 6.5 round. Pick some up today!

Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
Manufacturer: Hornady BLACK
Quantity: 500 Rds
Bullet Weight: 140 Grain
Bullet Type: Boat Tail Hollow Point
Case Type: New

Muzzle Velocity: 2690 FPS
500 Rds Ammoforsale

Prepare your firearm to perform with the Hornady Black 6.5mm Creedmoor BTHP 140-Grain Rifle Ammunition. This ammunition is constructed with a boattail hollow-point design. Made in USA.
Features and Benefits
  • 500-round box
  • Made in USA
  • 6.5mm Creedmoor caliber
  • 140 grains
  • Boattail hollow-point design
  • Hunting – Species: Big Game
  • Number of rounds: 500
  • Grain weight: 140
  • Manufacturer warranty – general: Lifetime limited
What’s in the Box
  • Hornady Black 6.5mm Creedmoor BTHP 140-Grain Rifle Ammunition


Since modern sporting rifles are becoming increasingly popular with shooters and hunters across America, United States, many of the biggest ammunition companies like AmmoStoreOnline have realized they need a specific range of ammunition that is optimized to work with those “black” guns. In this regard, Hornady Manufacturing rolled out their line of 500 Rds Hornady  black in 2016. Unfortunately modern sporting rifles can be extremely finicky about the ammunition they work with. Certain types of ammunition used in rifles may perform superbly in a gun with an exact length of barrel and gas mechanism, however it could not perform well in another firearm. As the name implies, Hornady Black ammo is specifically designed to be used in “black guns” like the AR-15/AR-10 rifle family and carbines.

500 Rds Hornady mission was to develop ammo which can reliably work on various platforms, regardless of whether it’s direct impingement inertia bolt-action, pump or gas piston powered. It’s the same for guns that are suppressed and uncontrolled throughout the entire range of barrel lengths. The idea is that Hornady tried to create an ammo line that would offers superior performance in almost any firearm, and , similar to it’s Hornady American Whitetail or Outfitter line, was readily recognized by shooters and hunters across the USA for its suitability to their needs.

7 reviews for 500 Rds Hornady BLACK 6.5 Creedmoor 140 GR BTHP

  1. jenshect

    Shot multiple 1/2″ groups during break in of a Savage model 10T. All fit the magazine and had no feed problems. Wasn’t able to shoot over a crony, but the drop out to 400 yds would suggest 2750 FPS. Slammed a whitetail at 325, although the bullet was not recovered it did its job and left a decen…

  2. zeekleberries

    Killed Antelope 180 yards good performsnce

  3. julianchavez03

    I had back to back to back 5 shot groups under .5″ @ 100 yds out of my Browning Hell’s Canyon Speed in 6.5 CM. This past season, I took a buck @ 176 yards and a doe @ 291 yards. In both cases, the deer was lung shot and both died inside of 50 yards with easy to follow blood trails. In 2018, I used Hornady PH ELDX in my Remington 7mm RM. I took 1 buck @ 125 yds and he was dead before he it the ground. In all cases, the bullets held together and passed through the animal. I found no evidence of fragmenting. The wound channel was substantial, with very minimal damage to meat. I haven’t been this pleased with a bullet since Remington loaded the Swift Sciracco.

  4. branditocuevas

    Whitetail deer hunting. Used the 140g on a whitetail in 6.5 CM, a couple weeks ago, 120 yards. Broadside complete pass through, 2″ exit wound. Then continued and went through a feeder stand tube knocking over the feeder. Buck went 30 yards. Decent blood trail into a wet swamp with little vegetation to find blood, but enough to recover. A little more forward shot and I’m pretty sure DRT. Bullet appeared to work flawlessly..

  5. rloresw7

    This year I had the opportunity to use this ammo in my Christensen Arms Mesa in 6.5 Creedmoor during a recent Utah mule deer hunt. I practiced at ranges from 200-700 yards all year long leading up to the recent deer hunt. I could consistently hit an 8″ steel plate at these ranges and felt I was ready for the hunt. I passed on several small bucks over the course of the 5 day hunt, but on the last day decided it was time to finish the deal. Early that morning, I glassed the top of a canyon where I’d seen a couple decent bucks a few days earlier. One of these bucks returned to the canyon that morning, but he was 475 yards away. There was no chance of getting any closer because the deer had us pegged on the open sage covered hillside. There was no wind that morning and the conditions were good for a shot of that distance. I setup prone using my backpack as a rest and felt that I had a very solid foundation to make an accurate shot. I waited for the deer to turn broadside but he never did. Instead, he continued to stare at us straight on and I could only seen his head, neck and the top of the sternum. Finally, I decided that if I shot, I would either miss or kill him outright because the kill zone was pretty small due to the deer’s position. I decided to take the shot and carefully squeezed the trigger. I felt the recoil and then heard the distinct “whack” of the deer being hit. My friend/spotter said “Good shot!! you just dropped him!!”. We watched the area where the buck was for several minutes but could not detect any movement or see the buck due to the tall sage brush around him. After verifying that the buck was likely dead, we were delighted to find him exactly where he’d stood a few minutes before. During the skinning and quartering of the deer, we found that the bullet had entered the top of the sternum, traveled about 18 inches and stopped against the spine. I was very pleased with the accuracy and performance of this bullet!

  6. lumduantaint

    I haven’t used a lot of different ammo yet but I perfected my zero with this ammo. Each different bullets, other than Hornady 143 gr ELD Match grouped differently….both vertical and to some extent horizontally. Hornady 120 grain Outfitter GMX were close. I intended to hunt so I wanted a little heavier bullet. I’m not the greatest shooter and I don’t have a super-expensive rig, but these gave me 1/2 MOA groups at 100 yards. At 300 yards I was only able to get 2 to 3 inch groups but I’m sure that’s due to my capabilities.

  7. mancheeser192

    Tested in my Christenson Arms Rifle with 18X Swarovski scope, using elevation chart generated on Swarovski web-site based on data provided on ELDX box (velocity, ballistic coefficient, etc). Cartridge is dead-on out to 300 (max range available to me). Shot my past two whitetail with this load, which dropped in their tracks at 200 yds.

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