A Message from Remington to You

Big Green Back On the Shelf: A Message from Remington to You

Although ammunition availability is starting to become a regular thing again, some big box stores are still missing crucial calibers as well as reloading supplies. A message that was released via YouTube by Remington president Jason Vanderbrink had one simple message “Big Green Ammo is Back on the Shelf.” In the video listed below, Vanderbrink goes over the company’s continued vision and goals as the firearms industry and the community continue to navigate the stage times we are all going through.

Big Green Back On the Shelf: A Message from Remington to You

Remington went through various states where Remington Ammunition could be found on shelves in retail stores and not just online. While I personally haven’t seen anything on the shelves in any of my big box stores, some members of our discord channel have been able to find Remington Ammunition on the shelves, albeit at an increased price. The price increases are to be expected, however, since back in April, Remington announced that price increases would be coming primarily due to the cost of materials as well as their new 24/7 work schedule to help bridge the gap between supply and demand.

While this return of regularly stocked ammunition is perhaps a light at the end of the tunnel for shooters who can’t afford to justify the increased prices, I have to wonder what this means for the reloaders out there who are still struggling to find primers without having to camp out the gun store every morning waiting to buy up the one or two cases that come in. It is my hope that the panic buying will continue to die down and ammunition shelves can once again be full with a wide variety of ammunition at affordable prices.Find Remington Ammunition

Big Green Back On the Shelf: A Message from Remington to You

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