180-Yard Clay Pigeon Shot: World Record Broken

World Record Broken: The Gould Brothers 180-Yard Clay Pigeon Shot

World Record Broken: The Gould Brothers 180-Yard Clay Pigeon Shot

The Gould Brothers are a pair of exhibition shooters specializing in some pretty extreme shotgun shooting. The brothers offer a special brand of outdoor entertainment with their one-of-a-kind trick shooting demonstrations and enthusiastic personalities. This week, the Gould Brothers have broken two of their own records and nailed a 180-yard pigeon break using Federal Ammunition’s Heavyweight TSS #7 shot.

Gould Brothers

Steve and Aaron Gould were happy to break the news that they had broken their two previous records for longest clay pigeon break at 160-yards and 170-yards. Their first record was established in 2019 and fellow writer Hrachya H. covered it on the blog. The shotgun used for the previous record was a Winchester SX3 Long Beard semi-auto shotgun topped with a vortex StrikeFire II red dot sight. The brothers also made use of Briley choke tubes and loaded with 1-3/4 oz #5 shot Winchester Rooster XR ammunition. This is just one of many records they’ve broken using their unique brand of high-octane shotgun fun.World Record Broken: The Gould Brothers 180-Yard Clay Pigeon Shot

This time around, using Browning Maxus semi-auto 12-gauge shotguns and Federal’s Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) ammunition, the brother set out to break the record. Federal’s TSS #7 is loaded up with 1 3/4oz of tungsten shot. This round is generally geared towards turkey shooting but the Gould Brothers knew right off the bat that with this ammunition they could best their previous world record – so they did just that. Aaron was the first to break the 160-yard world record by nailing a 170-shot but just minutes later, his brother Steve bested him with an impressive 180-yard shot. The flight time on both shots from blast to break was almost unbelievable with the swarm of tungsten shots taking nearly an entire second to reach its target.World Record Broken: The Gould Brothers 180-Yard Clay Pigeon Shot

The Federal TSS loadings allow shooters to get much more mass downrange for reliable and accurate kills at range. There is 56% more mass than an equal loading of lead shot with 330 tungsten pellets giving you more density for the same amount of space. If you’d like more information on Federal’s TSS loading you can visit them here. For more information on the Gould Brothers or to see some of their other exciting trick-shooting exploits, you can check out their YouTube channel below or visit their website here.

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